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My expectations regarding Apple’s next moves. 

Here are my expectations regarding the forthcoming Apple event now officially scheduled for 9.9.2014. 

We all know that Apple will announce the next iteration of iPhone devices. But only recently we’ve come to hear about Apple’s plans regarding the iWatch. I mean, we all know they are working on such device but now rumours are persistent about the possibility of actually seeing the device in two weeks (compared to rumoured date of October or event early 2015). 

My thinking about the “iWatch” follows.

First, my expectations are low. If Apple is about to create a new device category, the device Apple will show to the world in two weeks will be a version 1.0 of something bigger. I prefer to skip the iWatch name and talk about iWearable. I don’t think the device will show time or notifications. Think about this more like an addition to something bigger: the iPhone and the ecosystem. Sounds similar to the current Apple TV if you ask me.

The iWearable device Apple will announce will be the first of many. Apple will eventually start to sell two or more devices with different sizes, functions or features in the future. But in the sort term, I expect the device itself won’t be enough to be an instant buy. I expect the device to become really useful only when considered and coupled with the iPhone and iOS 8’s Health app. It is clear to me follow the WWDC 2014 conference that Apple is willing to augment its ecosystem with services that take advantage of having all our things from the. Apple wants to attract new users and add another reason for other people to stay. Eventually Apple could create a real iWatch device as technologies required to build a real good one become available. Certainly, Apple will show us the exact kind of mariage they want to see from others OEMs to create between a tracking and wearable device and iOS 8’s new health kit APIs. 

I expect the iWearable to work with current iPhones starting with the iPhone 5. These generations of iPhones are equipped with Bluetooth LE which is required for the two devices to exchange data under low power consumption rules. I’m not sure the new iPhone 6 will add special features for the iWearable value as it will come with the updated motion processor.

In 2014, Apple is adding even more building blocks to their ecosystem in order to increase stickiness and keep people from thinking of going elsewhere. the iWearable is part of this grand scheme of things to come.