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We’ll see. Without even having the device on hand, very difficult to come out with this kind of prediction.

Apple can take its time to make it better the first time. 

This isn’t what I want or I’m looking for from Apple. 

Wow, Apple really seems to go big with this looking at the current rate and nature of recent hires.

Wanting just by looking at it.

I don’t need another device to make my digital life even more stressful. 

A great looking smartwatch. Not shipping yet.


Up close with the Moto 360, the best-looking smartwatch yet
It doesn’t feel nearly as big as it looks

Really nice smart watch. Really anxious to see what Apple will come up with.

An October launch time frame for the iWatch would make sense as iOS 8 will probably be out pretty much at the same time or just a month before with the introduction of the new iPhone models.