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Lost amid all the talk about how much the Apple Watch will cost is an equally important and equally unanswered question: how much will the Apple Watch bands cost? Drew Breunig on the matter:

While the band mechanism itself was mentioned only briefly last week, I think it’s one of the most important components announced. The connector allows Apple to address the luxury and mass markets, allows them to ship a personal product by isolating the part which will go obsolete, and locks up a lucrative market which will provide margin cushions for the Watch itself, allowing for competitive pricing.

My guess is that these bands could range anywhere from $50 (for the sports bands) to $500 (for the high end ones) or maybe even more. Again, that’s aside from the watch itself.

And yes, the margins will be insane here for Apple. But these bands will also presumably be usable as Apple continues to iterate on the Watch itself. I assume they’ll come out with new bands over time, but it seems like these original ones are being engineered to last.

And it sure seems like Apple has engineered them with the notion that you’ll probably own at least a couple, and will swap them in and out as situations dictate.

Still a lot is unknown.

This like comparing the original iPhone battery life with BlackBerries back in 2007. The latter did last a lot longer but was very limited in features and power.

Who wants photos on their Apple Watch? Is this the symptom of a lack of focus? If there was a thousand no for every yes, maybe that figure is down in the few hundreds now.

One of the reason Apple is on the verge of creating another platform. 

There is so many customization possible that we can make it look unique.

Some would prefer the Apple Watch to be round. Look at the picture, having a round watch would make it pretty buch if would lose very valuable visual space. I prefer this version. Really.

Icon design for Watch OS is going to be incredibly important considering icons don’t have titles

Bad idea.

An Apple Watch with a round design may look better but I find it to be way more less interesting from an application design perspective. If you look at many watch faces on Apple Watch web site, you can see the corners are used to display information like the moon phase, a timer or the activity monitor status. Where would these icons go with a round screen?

A Simple Perspective on the Apple Watch

I think Apple is more after the watch market than they are after the smartwatch market. This thought came up just by looking at the device on Apple’s web site. This thing looks more like a watch that happens to be smart than a smartwatch that happens to be a watch. This may explain in part why the Apple Watch is more like an extension to the iPhone than a full stand alone device. 



I’m one of those guys who feels naked without a watch. I wear one everyday from the time I get up, until the time I go to sleep. In fact, I used to collect them. And, as a watch guy, I have very specific, and highly personal, criteria surrounding the watches I wear. Most people, who are

Some thoughts. The watch is approachable. It is inviting. Still many details to know. Apple didn’t announce a watch. They announce a platform where the watch is the first member of. Much more features than I thought there would be. Some of them are a bit gimmicky like photos.